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Weight Loss Secrets: 7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Posted by Selena R. on August 16, 2016

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There are few things more frustrating than sweating your booty off at the gym for weeks on end only to step on the scale and see no change to those glaring red numbers on the scale. You feel like a big, fat failure. Working out regularly and not seeing any progress in your weight loss journey can be enough to make even the most determined gym goers want to give up and go back to their junk food eating, Netflix watching ways of old. Even when it seems like you're doing everything right, these common mistakes can keep you from losing weight and keeping it off.

7 Reasons You Aren't Losing More Weight

1. You're Eating Junk

Just because it doesn't come in a chip bag or candy wrapper doesn't mean the food you're eating is nutritious. One of the biggest weight loss secrets is to add more whole grains, fruit, veggies and lean meats to your diet and stay away from processed foods whenever possible.

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2. You're Eating Too Much

While working out more can increase your appetite. You need to be burning off more calories than you're consuming. It's like having too much of a good thing, and it never ends well. So eat smaller portions and have some self-control!

3. You Love Cardio

Cardio is an important part of any fitness routine but if you want to shed pounds, cardio alone isn't enough. While you may love looking cute on the treadmill, you need to add variety to your workouts. Too much cardio will make you lose muscle mass not fat, so be sure to mix it up.

4. You Hate Weights

Weight training is just as important as cardio when it comes to losing weight! Weight training is ideal for burning fat and building lean, sexy muscles. While you don't have to dedicate your life to hanging out by the free weights, you can introduce body weight training as part of your fitness routine.

5. You're a Slacker

Have you been giving it your all at the gym? Or maybe you've been skipping your evening workout session to hit up happy hour with your pals? Avoid becoming the Lohan of your friend group and get your butt back to the gym asap!

6. You're Pushing Too Hard

While it's awesome that you're pumped about your last workout, it's important that you give your body some down time to recover before launching into your next HIIT session. Without proper rest, you run the risk of injuring yourself and are less likely to meet your weight loss goals.

7. You're Tired

Whether you've been stressing yourself out over sticking to your new fitness routine or you just can't seem to find the time to relax, a lack of sleep can put additional stress on your body. When you're over-stressed, your body switches to survival mode and tries to store more fat. So chill out, get some sleep and find a more balanced routine.

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