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The Weekend is Here, Don’t Let Your Exercise Disappear!

Posted by Krista Genevieve Farris on June 21, 2017


You’ve probably heard much about “weekend warriors,” those individuals who don’t exercise much during the week but then jump a little bit too eagerly into the action during the weekend. Many limp into work on Monday morning nursing new wounds. But, what about the opposite? What about those faithful weekday gym-goers who do a TGIF “last chance workout” while everyone else is at happy hour, and then sit like slugs on Saturday and are sloth-like on Sunday? The fact is that working out all week doesn’t cancel out the problems associated with weekend inactivity.

Maybe your job is competitive enough, and you don’t feel like sweating and racing through the weekend. You just want a break from the hullabaloo! That’s understandable. But being completely sedentary on the weekends can be hazardous to your health. Indeed sitting for more than eight hours straight any day of the week poses health risks that can lead to a reduced ability to burn fat, an increased chance of developing diabetes, increased risk of cancer and even premature death. So, nope - there’s no free pass to sit for hours on the edge of a sports field watching someone else sweat their butt off. You’ve got to get up and move a little too! But, you don’t have to go to the gym or work up a heavy sweat to get it done.

Try these tips to help you stay active during the weekend so you feel refreshed, lean and limber come Monday.

Focus on Fun

Since you train all week, some things others might find difficult will come easy to you. Dance the night away. Play putt-putt golf. Take the dog on a long walk. Put on a helmet and ride your bike around the neighborhood. Activity doesn’t have to be fancy or fast to be functional and fun.

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Get on the Ball

With recreational games like low-key tennis, softball, bowling or a quick game of catch. Think about what you used to enjoy before you had a car payment and adulting to do and go do it! If you ask around, chances are someone else has an itch to catch a ball or swing a racquet. If that fails, teach your dog to fetch.

Socialize & Walk

Get off your soccer mom chair and walk a few laps around the field to chat with a friend during half-time while the youngsters are sucking on orange slices. Go on a group hike in the woods before brunch. Take an urban hike to dinner with friends before settling in to watch a movie.



Pick-up trash for an hour in your neighborhood. Clean-up a portion of a stream. Join a trail maintenance crew. Work in a community garden. Go to the animal shelter and walk a few dogs. There are always opportunities to help others, which means opportunities for you to move.

Finding ways to joyfully move through the weekend will allow you draw on the physical health you’ve developed during the week to enrich your personal life. It’s a winning formula for wellness!


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