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Lose Weight While Lifting- 2 Reasons Why and How!

Posted by Danielle N. on August 30, 2016

When most people develop a game plan to lose weight and shed fat, two things typically come to mind: calorie restriction and cardio. While there's definitely nothing wrong with a good, sweaty cardio session or counting your calories, it's important to realize that lifting weights can be just as effective in helping you reach your weight loss and overall fitness goals. Contrary to what many believe, it's totally possible to lose weight while lifting!

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Weight Loss Secrets: 7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Posted by Selena R. on August 16, 2016

There are few things more frustrating than sweating your booty off at the gym for weeks on end only to step on the scale and see no change to those glaring red numbers on the scale. You feel like a big, fat failure. Working out regularly and not seeing any progress in your weight loss journey can be enough to make even the most determined gym goers want to give up and go back to their junk food eating, Netflix watching ways of old. Even when it seems like you're doing everything right, these common mistakes can keep you from losing weight and keeping it off.

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3 Steps to Jumpstart a Weight Loss Plan

Posted by Blaire Rummel on May 11, 2016

Starting a weight loss plan is like trying to roll a heavy object uphill. It’s tough to get going, and you probably won’t start moving until you gain some momentum.  It can seem overwhelming to get started. Trying to create change is simply tough! But this process doesn’t have to seem as difficult if you follow these three simple steps.

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How to Blast Away Belly Fat Using Two Classic Exercises

Posted by Müv SC on February 26, 2016

belly fat

Life has gotten busier and more hectic than ever before. We all want to work out and stay fit, but sometimes the clock just gets away from us. Fortunately, innovations in fitness knowledge and techniques afford us more efficient and effective workout options than ever before.

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How To Lose Weight on a Stationary Bike

Posted by Müv SC on February 10, 2016

Stationary bikes offer a year-round, non-weather dependent, high-calorie burning option for your cardiovascular workouts. You have various cycle types from which to choose such as upright, indoor cycling and recumbent bicycles. An upright bike usually has an electronic panel, which shows the time, calories burned, workout type and the distance. These bikes sport a larger seat and stable handlebars. Other bikes also have movable handles which increase the intensity of your workout.

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How to Stick With Your New Year's Fitness Goals for Lasting Results

Posted by Müv SC on January 22, 2016

It’s easy to make big plans at the beginning of the year for losing weight and trying to get fitter. But it's just as easy to let those plans go. Do you ever actually stick with your plans after a few months, or even after a few weeks? If not, you might need to make some changes so you can really strive to meet your goals.

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3 Common Strength-Training Mistakes

Posted by Blaire Rummel on January 11, 2016

Change and creativity in the gym are usually good things! The body can hit a plateau quickly if you’re constantly doing the same thing in the gym. And it’s a lot more fun to work out when there’s a new piece of equipment at the gym or you get to try out the latest exercise class.

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The Best Fat-Burning Foods for Your Fitness Goals

Posted by Müv SC on January 05, 2016

The foods that are best for burning fat might surprise you. On the face of it, some may seem too rich with fat themselves to help with fat burning; however, they actually contain very healthy fats that boost nutrition along with a feeling of satiety that suppresses the appetite.

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