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Building Better Balance: 5 Key Muscles to Focus On

Posted by Sara M on June 02, 2017


Balance, or the ability to steadily control your body in a variety of positions, is necessary for virtually every physical task of your life. No, you do not need to be an Olympic gymnast to care about this. Consider the following tasks: getting in and out of a car, taking a shower, running after the bus you just missed, walking your dog, or stretching in your favorite yoga class.

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3 Staple Pieces of Mobility Equipment You Need to Have

Posted by Sara M on May 09, 2017

For a lot of us, staying motivated to workout is easy. Getting to the gym is easy. Even grinding through a hard workout is, well, kind of easy (at least in terms of maintaining the discipline to do it). What's not easy is improving our mobility. Sure, we may like to roll around on a foam roller for a minute or two, but are we really doing enough to make improvements in our joint range of motion?

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