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5 Ways to Break Through a Strength Training Plateau

Posted by Müv SC on April 06, 2016


It can be frustrating when all your effort in the gym suddenly turns to nothing; when your progress freezes, and nothing seems to help you add that next bit of weight. To identify your problems and shatter your strength training plateau, you need to rethink your fitness, and tackle each of these issues in turn.

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5 Reasons You Need a Well-Rounded Workout Routine

Posted by Müv SC on March 28, 2016

When it’s time to hit the gym, do you have a single focus, or do you take the well-rounded workout routine approach? There’s a lot of benefit to dividing your workout into sections—leg day and upper body days, for example—but you should absolutely have a regimen which gets around to every part of the body, explosive and steady, aerobic and anaerobic.

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5 Gym Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong

Posted by Müv SC on December 30, 2015

Not every exercise comes naturally to everyone in the gym—how your body wants to move isn’t always how it should move. Even more distressing, there are several exercises that a disastrous number of us get wrong on a regular basis, because the movement isn’t natural or doing it right isn’t as easy as doing it wrong. When we do exercises wrong, we don’t just get an inferior workout: we put our bodies in real danger.

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6 Ways Your High School Health Class Lied To You

Posted by Müv SC on December 23, 2015

Know your fitness facts from your fitness fiction? You might be surprised by how many of the former turn out to be the latter, especially with the progression of fitness science over recent years; never mind the obvious myths dismissed time and time again, there are ‘myths’ out there today which were taught in advanced courses to serious experts! Of course, not every myth’s that insidious; there are just as many which float around the public consciousness for years and years without a shred of reality behind them.

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