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7 Shoulder Exercises to Make You Want to Bare More Than Your Biceps

Posted by Krista Genevieve Farris on June 08, 2017


Those who remained faithful to their winter weight-lifting workouts are taking the “SUN’S OUT, GUNS OUT!” exclamation to heart, showing off their biceps in tight tees. But, what about going a step beyond and confidently bearing those shoulders?

Doing a set of several simple shoulder exercises once or twice a week with dumbbells will help you sculpt your shoulders so they’ll shine this summer. This workout involves seven different exercises. Execute full-range of motion to activate as many muscle fibers as possible. You’ll recruit the trapezius (between your shoulder blades), the rotator cuff (the cap on your shoulder), deltoids (front, middle, and back of the shoulders) and other associated muscles to give you maximum sculpting.

A Few Helpful Hints to Remember Throughout the Workout:

  • Pause for a second at the top of the movement and move slowly. Exhale as you exert yourself. Inhale when you release.
  • Try 16 reps of each exercise.
  • If you’re not tired by the 16th rep, grab heavier weights.
  • On the other hand, if you find your form is flailing at any point, consider setting the weights down and focusing on form.
  • As you get stronger, feel free to add on more weight.

Your 7 Shoulder-Sculpting Exercises

1) Reverse Flies

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Hinge at your hips while keeping your knees soft. Bring the dumbbells in front on your body, palms facing each other. Keeping your arms long, lift your arms like you have wings. Slowly bring the weights back together in front of you.

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2) Trap Raise

Keeping feet shoulder width apart, stand tall. Take the weights to the top of your thighs, arms straight. Make sure your wrists are flat, and your palms face your body as you bend your elbows. Bring the weights up to chest height. Pause. Then straighten your arms back to start.

shoulder-exercies.jpg3) Side Raise

Stand tall with your hands/weights next to your sides. Take both arms straight out to the side to shoulder height. Make sure your elbows are soft, but that the arms are mostly straight. Pause at the top of the movement. Lower weights with control.

4) Forward Raise

Begin with your arms straight, resting in front of your body. Lift your right arm up to shoulder height. Slowly return to start. Then, lift your left arm up.

5) Overhead Press

Bend your elbows and take the weights to just in front of your chest. Your palms should face away from your body. Slowly straighten your arms, pressing at a slight angle toward the ceiling. Return to start.

6) Rotator Cuff

Bend your elbows, so they are snug next to your sides. Turn your palms to face the ceiling. Move the weights toward each other in front of your body crossing right forearm on top, then left forearm on top. Do another set with your palms facing each other.

What’s next?

Shrug your shoulders 16 times like it was no big deal….’cause you’re done!

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