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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with These Zesty Turkey Enchiladas

Posted by Krista Genevieve Farris on May 05, 2017

Cinco de Mayo is a great time to try a new spin on a melt in your mouth Mexican classic. Cook up some healthy turkey enchiladas! The popular dish can either bomb your nutrition or be a nutritious bomb. If you’ve been working to meet nutrition and fitness goals, chances are you are looking for the latter. All it takes is a little creativity to revamp a recipe.

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Glute Goals: The Ultimate Leg Machine Workout

Posted by Sara M on April 27, 2017

Leg machines: we love 'em. They're easy to adjust to your size and skill level, safe (assuming they're used correctly of course), and a great way to target specific muscle groups. And while we'll never give up our love for barbell squats and other free weight movements involving your legs, we certainly think that adding leg machine exercises to your gym routine is a great way to enhance those glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

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Interval Training vs. Steady-State Cardio

Posted by Julianne Will on April 25, 2017

Cardio is perfect for keeping your heart healthy, your brain happy, and your body lean. But there is so much more to it than stepping on a treadmill for a 30-minute stroll. Instead, boost your results and beat boredom by combining interval training and steady-state cardio.
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BCAAs: What Are They and Do I Need Them?

Posted by Cristiano D. on April 20, 2017

Ok, you’ve got your gym bag packed and you're heading for the gym. As you enter the gym, you notice everybody’s drinking brightly colored liquid from their shakers. You turn and ask a Thor look-a-like what everyone’s drinking, and he answers “BCAAs Bro!”
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Springtime Yogurt Parfaits

Posted by Sara M on April 19, 2017

It's springtime, which means that fruits are finally starting to come into season. Of course, fruit is delicious on its own, but for a bit of culinary decadence, try making a homemade yogurt parfait.
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Earn Your Day at the Beach With This Beach Workout

Posted by Krista Genevieve Farris on April 17, 2017

Before you unfold your beach chair ocean side and pop open a seltzer, how about getting in a workout? Take basic movements from solid land and put them in the sand for a great beach workout.

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Run, Don’t Walk: Sign-up for a Summertime Race

Posted by Krista Genevieve Farris on April 10, 2017

Days are longer. The sun is stronger. Spring has sprung like the heel cushioning on a new pair of running shoes. The change in season brought you outside and spurred you to replace your old soles with fresh kicks. But, how do you maintain that enthusiasm for the great outdoors and fitness goals when the inevitable humidity and stifling summer doldrums roll in?

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Intermittent Fasting: Does it Work and Should You Do It?

Posted by Cristiano D. on April 06, 2017

Intermittent fasting is one of the fastest (excuse the pun) growing trends in the health and fitness industry. But does it work? Is it for you?

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5 Ways To Get Ahead During Allergy Season This Spring

Posted by Heather N. on April 03, 2017

It's that time of year again! Allergy season. Sniffing all day, itchy, watery eyes and nose, and that feeling where you just want to lay down and sleep for a month. That's allergies for you. They can really drag you down and make you want to stay indoors till it's all over.

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3 Muscles You May Be Neglecting

Posted by Sara M on March 30, 2017

A healthy body needs balance. Physiologists and exercise science nerds call this "homeostasis." It's the energy-efficient state where our bodies can function and feel the best.
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