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4 Things Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Would Do

Posted by Blaire Rummel on March 08, 2016
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Personal training has repeatedly been shown to elevate a client’s performance, get results and keep accountability high. But despite all these benefits, it’s easy for people to ditch their trainers after just a few sessions, whether due to price or a lack of “connection” between trainer and client. There are some things you can do to ensure that your money and time aren’t being wasted, however. When you can fully take advantage of your time with a personal trainer, the information and the results can be life changing.

Here are four things your personal trainer wishes you would do to help with this process as well as keep costs down and maximize your time.

4 Things Your Trainer Wishes You Would Do

  1. Speak up: Personal trainers can change your life, but they definitely are not mind readers. So it’s important to speak up and ask questions. If you’re confused or frustrated, let your trainer know. This helps them not only get to know you but learn how to best help you!
  2. Do your homework: As a personal trainer, I believe it’s important that my clients leave their sessions with a sense of personal responsibility and work on newfound skills, as well as practice their lifestyle changes. Unless you can purchase daily sessions, there’s homework to be done before you see your trainer next! And if you put in the work on your own, you’ll probably be more satisfied during the following sessions, because you’ll be able to make progress rather than spending time reviewing each session.
  3. Be honest: Your personal trainer wishes that you’d be as honest as possible with him or her. Share the obstacles that are holding you back and how you’re feeling, whether it’s food, stress, family or motivation. Your trainer might not see everything that’s slowing you down or understand what your life looks like the other 23 hours of the day. The more they know (within reason), the more you can hope to succeed.
  4. Explore options: If price becomes a concern, ask your trainer whether there are other options, such as semi-private sessions or group training possibilities. While not as exclusive, these are better alternatives than simply quitting.

Hiring a personal trainer can truly be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Your financial investment will go further and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of accomplishing your goals by working on these four behaviors. You can access all the tools your personal trainer has to offer if you work alongside him or her in your journey!

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