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3 Steps to Jumpstart a Weight Loss Plan

Posted by Blaire Rummel on May 11, 2016
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Starting a weight loss plan is like trying to roll a heavy object uphill. It’s tough to get going, and you probably won’t start moving until you gain some momentum.  It can seem overwhelming to get started. Trying to create change is simply tough! But this process doesn’t have to seem as difficult if you follow these three simple steps.

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Plan:

1) Make one change

In the beginning, keep it simple. A complete 180 is very challenging to maintain. So focus on the jump-start aspect and make one or two changes in your weekly behavior. Maybe it’s as simple as going on a walk or skipping dessert a few times a week. Whatever it is, making small changes at first is far more successful in the long run than attempting a complete overhaul.

2) Ease into a fitness routine

Avoid jumping full force into a fitness routine in Week One. Your body might need a bit more time to adjust. Opt for being more active than you were in the past rather than setting up camp in the gym!

3) Express your goal

Say it, write it out, visualize it, post about it... whatever method you choose to express your goal will work. Clarifying exactly where you want to be helps you jump-start your weight loss plan and focus on what’s important to you. The keys to a successful jump-start might vary for all of us, but one thing that never fails is striving for improvement rather than perfection. In the first week and even the first month it might be tough to get your momentum going, so set out at the right pace. Before you know it, your jump-start plan will turn into a regular habit that won’t take as much effort to maintain!    

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